Twice as easy to breathe and catches 99% or more fine particles! Bunshi Mask is the new hot topic

“Bunshi Mask” has become the best-selling mask in Japanese crowdfunding history, after sales exceeded over 200,000 in just 4 months.

It’s clear to see why that the new ‘nano-fiber’ technology is driving numbers and surpassing non-woven masks.

The Bunshi Mask is the mask for the ‘new era’, even being featured on TV and receiving high praise.

Although widely used, many have only a vague idea of the true performance of Bunshi Mask.
Ofcourse, wearing a mask is now a social responsibility, but Bunshi Mask allows you to protect yourself even further.

The “Bunshi Mask”, is a mask that combines peace of mind and the optimal comfort.
The mask was developed to catch 99% or more of fine particles and breathe with more than twice the ease.

The inventor and leader of the latest nano-fibers in Japan, Professor Emeritus Taioka of Tokyo Institute of Technology (MIT of Japan)

The Bunshi Mask uses the latest nanofiber filter invented by Professor Emeritus Tanioka, of Tokyo Institute of Technology, which catches 99% or more of 100 nanometer fine particles
(Generally, the virus in the air is said to be roughly 100 nanometers)

The distinction is clear when comparing the Bunshi Mask’s nano-fiber technology with a standard medical N95 mask with an electron microscope.

Experimental results have also proved the nano-fiber’s ability to catch more than 99% of fine particles.

Protection using the van der Waals force

The van der Waals force works stronger as the distance between two molecules become closer.
Utilizing the latest nano-fiber filters and the theory of van der Waals force, Bunshi Mask is able to enhance its protective power.

Put all your worries to rest with one mask

Regular masks can be stuffy and hard to breathe in, making everyday life hard to enjoy.
Bunshi Masks have found the solution to those concerns through taking advantage of a special material.

Using the finest cotton knit fabric

The Bunshi Masks uses the finest knits fabrics which have been mercerized to give the end product a smooth and comfortable finish.

Twice as east to breathe compared to a general mask

Since the Bunshi Mask catches the virus using the van der Waals force, it is 8x easier to breathe than the N95 mask and twice as easy to breathe than the non-woven masks.
*There are individual differences based on preference

The Relationship between breathability and design

In most cases, masks have been designed to stick to the face so that air does not ‘leak’ from the sides, but because of Bunshi Masks breathable fabric, the air intake ratio from the front of the mask is larger in comparison.

Both functionality and fashionability were achieved in the designing process.

Can be used repeatedly, even after washing over 100x

If you place the mask in a net, you will be able to wash it repeatedly in the washing machine.
*Please refrain from using the dryer as it is made with organic cotton

Bunshi Mask’s performance did not deteriorate even after washing it 100 times in our washing test experiments.

By reusing Bunshi Masks, we can contribute to the protection of the global environment by stopping the common practice of wasting limited materials.

A design for every day

While having various functions, the Bunshi Mask is also designed to enhance your faceline and beauty.
There are a total of 5 colors that are easy to use on a daily basis, with a beautiful and sleek design that anyone can wear with confidence.

Highly rated among customers!

Gentle on the Skin

★★★★★ Purchase at the official store

As I get used to masked life > I felt stuffy and had a rough time adjusting during the summer, including difficulty breathing, so I finally decided to try various clothed masks! At last! The God of masks has arrived!!!
Even if you sweat, the inside of the mask doesn’t get stuffy at all and I can breathe easily
(Of course, the best part was the quality of the filter)
The price is reasonable, given that is can be washed and reused so many times.
I recommend this to those who are suffering from other masks that agitate your skin!
Most of the summer clothed masks are nice, but I was disappointed by the medium cotton they used. I made a pre-purchase for the upgraded version immediately.
I’m looking forward to it!

Shiomi on Jun 27, 2021

It feels good on the skin and is easy to breathe

★★★★★ Purchase at the official store

When you put it on, it’s soft to the touch and really easy to breathe. I don’t know the effects at the molecular level because I can’t see it, but I trust the claims since I bought it directly from the official store.
If you search for “Bunshi Mask”, many different masks will pop up.
I thought that many of the masks sold here were under the piggyback method. So I thought I had to avoid getting caught.
I still needed a mask after getting my vaccination, so I’m glad I was able to buy this mask to survive the hot summer.

Hamada on Jun 27, 2021

I also use it in hot yoga

★★★★★ Purchased at the official store

Not only for everyday use, but i also use this mask for hot yoga lessons (masks are required).
Before purchasing the Bunshi Mask, I had difficulty breathing because I used a non-woven mask and after the lesson, I was sweaty, sticky, and very uncomfortable. This mask absorbs sweat but gave me no discomfort. There is no problems with my breathing. I’m looking forward to the new renewal! And of course, I placed additional orders!
By the way, normal face sizes use a M size, but I also bought the L size to try to use it properly according to season and occasion.

Honami on Jun 26, 2021

I’ve met a stress-free mask

★★★★★ Purchased at the official store

When using other cloth masks, I felt suffocated just by walking a little fast, and the friction of the elastic cord rubbed my ears and was painful.
When I tried the Bunshi Mask, I could breathe easily even after exercising, and didn’t feel any stuffiness.
In addition, I can spend the whole day comfortably without any pain in my ears, and the stress caused from wearing masks has disappeared.
It’s an expensive purchase, so I tried to buy a set of 3 with a discount, but considering the time it takes to arrive, I regret that I should have bought about 6 from the beginning…
Children have mentioned that masks are difficult to wear during physical education classes, and the risk of heat stroke increases in the coming season, so we are considering using it for the whole family.
It is very difficult to express comfort in words, so we recommend that you try it yourself.

Fukusuke on Aug 01, 2021


The Bunshi Mask was designed by rethinking the common sense of masks from zero.
We carefully assessed what society was asking for and brought to life the Bunshi Mask.

It may be more appropriate to say that we have redefined a new common sense practice rather than making a mask.

A masked life that will continue into the future.

Experience a new dimension of comfort with a safe and secure Bunshi Mask.

Buy 3 of more Bunshi Masks in bulk and get 17% off, for $50 (tax included) per mask.
You can wash it 100x and use it repeatedly, so it’s surprisingly economical at $0.5 each time!

It’s a highly popular item, so buy it before it’s sold out.